Silicone properties:

  • Temperature resistance in the range of -50 to +200 in normal conditions
  • Temperature resistance in the range of -110 to +320 in special conditions
  • Very high flexibility and reversibility
  • Resistant to sunlight, UV, infrared, gamma and
  • Insulated against air, water, humidity and sound
  • Perfectly resistant to water vapor
  • Resistant to oil and fat
  • High transparency and resolution
  • Antibacterial
  • High biocompatibility
  • Chemical stability
  • Electrical insulation
  • High color ability
  • Without any deformation and state change over time
  • No decrease in mechanical properties over time

Silicone mechanical properties:

  • Hardness of Silicone rubbers from 5 Shore A to 90 Shore A.
  • Depending on the combination bearing Tensile from 5 to 11
  • Amount of Tear from 5 to 55 depending on the combinationused

Classification of Silicone rubbers:

  • HTV – High Temperature Vulcanizing Silicone rubber
  • RTV – Room Temperature Vulcanizing Silicone rubber
  • LSR – Liquid Silicone Rubber

Different types of Silicone based on their application in industries:

  • Medical Grade Silicone
  • Food Grade Silicone
  • Industrial Grade Silicone

Medical grade Silicone:

Medical grade Silicones are used for production of rehabilitating products or implants. These types of Silicones are frequently used to make artificial body parts such as hand, foot, ear, artificial skull, artificial nose,gastric tube and artificial joint.

Due to durability, ease of molding and high tensile strength, medical grade Silicone is very popular for producing medical equipment. This type of Silicone was tested and researched regarding biocompatibility and based on the result of various tests, it has a very high compatibility with the tissues of the human body in comparison with other elastomers, and also unlike other materials causes no stain and decay and is highly resistant to bacterial growth, for this reason Silicone products are the best choice in this industry.

Some other medical grade Silicone products:

  • Feeder line
  • Implant for long- and short-term uses (inside of body)
  • Syringe pistons
  • Different types of Silicone hose tubes
  • Insulated thermoplastic vulcanizates in laboratory ovens (autoclave)
  • Laboratory tube stopper
  • Special parts in dental industries

Food grade Silicone

Food grade Silicone is a non-toxic Silicone which contains no harmful chemical material and this property makes it completely safe for use in the food industry.

The best elastomer for using in food industries, household appliances and cooking accessories is food grade Silicone and in contact with food products and liquids, this Silicone has no reaction and is highly resistant to heat and decay.

Some products of Faraz Polymer Iranian Industrial Group regarding Silicone household appliances – cooking products and food industries:  

  • Silicone pressure cooker washer
  • Water stopper strip of containers used in freezer refrigerator and microwave
  • Jelly molds
  • Silicone handles
  • Silicone spoon rest
  • Water stopper strip of diet frying pan
  • Different types of strips used around oven door and Silicone absorbers for gas stove
  • Strip around the lid of Pyrex pot

Benefits of using food grade Silicone products in household appliances and food industries:

  • High durability of Silicone devices
  • Antibacterial properties of these products
  • Flexibility and non-stick property
  • Ease of cleaning and cleansing devices

Food grade Silicone in mother and child products:

Considering the above-mentioned properties and particulars of food grade Silicone, the best elastomer for using in mother and child products is the food grade Silicone.

Based on the notification of the World Food and Drug Administration, food grade Silicone is the best safe raw material for producing mother and child products and it is approved by this organization and it means that the food grade Silicone has no reaction in contact with other materials and does not release dangerous compounds when heated, therefore most of the mother and child products such as pacifiers, teethers,baby bottles, baby bottle teats or even toys.

Some products of Faraz Polymer Iranian Industrial Group regarding mother and child Silicone products:

  • Silicone baby bottle teat
  • Silicone baby bottle
  • Siliconeteether
  • Silicone pacifier
  • Baby nose cleaner
  • Breast pump

Benefits of using food grade Silicone products in production of mother and child products:

  • Free of harmful and toxic substances, including Bisphenol A (BPA) and lead etc.
  • Odorless and flavorless
  • Highly resistant to rupture and decay
  • Highly resistant to heat (child products can be repeatedlyboiled in boiling water to disinfect and eliminate fungi and thrush)
  • Elasticity and durability
  • Lightweight of products

Food grade Silicone in animal husbandry industry:

Considering properties of food grade Silicone, including having no harmful and toxic substances, this Silicone is the best choice for producing milk conveying hoses and liners.

Silicone productions of Faraz Polymer Iranian Industrial Group regarding animal husbandry industry:

  • Different types of Silicone liners
  • Different types of milk conveying Silicone hoses
  • Silicone commonly used parts in this industry

Benefits of using food grade Silicone products in animal husbandry industry:

  • Antifungal and antibacterial, as a result, microbes, viruses and fungi are not able to grow in Silicone products.
  • It can be washed with boiling water due to high temperature resistance, as a result, fats, which are the basis for the growth of microbes, viruses and fungi, will be eliminated.
  • Highly resistant to strong disinfectants
  • It is biocompatible and due to being antibacterial and non-growth of microbes and fungi, prevents mastitis and other livestock diseases.

Application of Silicone in industry:

Considering high-rated technical particulars and specifications of Silicone and unique properties of that, Silicone products are applied in various industries.

Silicone products in construction industry:

Nowadays Silicone sealants are frequently used in façade, aluminum profile parts, UPVC and different systems of door, windows and façade, due to high durability and stability. Silicone sealants and coatings prevent from energy loss, humidity, heat, sunlight, noise pollution and UV. Due to high durability (approximately existing for a significant amount of time), Silicone sealants are the best choice for sealants and gasket of different types of building profiles. Silicone rubber also can be used for dilatation joints, which considering properties of Silicone, this is the best choice for rubbers of dilatation joints.

Silicone products in automobile manufacturing industry:

The use of Silicone products in automobile manufacturing industry is increasing rapidly. Due to high heat and cold resistance and unique insulation property of Silicone and also non-deformation over time, this is the best choice for different types of washer around the door, different types of Silicone hoses of radiator,vacuum strip around glass, Siliconespark plug cap and wire, and cylinder head washer etc.

Application of Silicone products in aerospace industry:

Silicone rubber products are essential materials with high efficiency for aerospace industry. Because of temperature resistance of Silicone rubber, all airplane rubbers are made of Silicone. Spacecraft must be resistant to temperature changes when entering the Earth's atmosphere. It is worth mentioning that technical specifications of Silicone rubber cause more durability for parts and expenses relating to repair and maintenance of devices in this industry shall decrease. Silicone parts are used for washers, insulation strips and fluid transfer hoses etc. of space shuttle and airplane.

Application of Silicone products in water and wastewater industries:

Due to excellent durability, great resistance to fluids and water vapor and insulation property of Silicone this is the best choice to be used in different types of sealants, sealing washers in different diameters, O-ring and rubber parts for pipes and joints of water and wastewater industry.  

Application of Silicone products in lightening industries:

Nowadays use and importance of Silicone and Silicone products in lightening industries are undeniable. Due to properties of Silicone including excellent resistance to temperature change, being insulated and high durability, producers of this industry use Silicone products and parts for observing the world standards and increasing quality and IP of their products for sealant strip and sealing washer.

Silicone in the future:

Nowadays craftsmen, producers and consumers in Iran and all over the world are significantly eager to use Silicone and Silicone products, but obviously considering all properties and particulars of Silicone including its resistance to heat and cold, excellent flexibility and reversibility, high insulation and compatibility with the human body on one side and improvement of the global products for the purpose of having the best quality and being more durable and compatible with human and environment on the other side, it is obvious that silicone and Silicone products shall be used widely in the future in comparison with now.

Faraz Polymer Iranian Industrial Group proudly announces that this group is pioneer in this extensive industry in Iran and observes all the world standards and quality grades for production. For producing Silicone products, this group applies the best Silicone brands of the world and Silicones required by each industry and from the beginning up to now, quality and customers satisfaction are priority of this group and this is our key to longevity and success. Technical and Engineering Department of this company is ready to cooperate and consult with the respected producers and craftsmen.    

موارد مصرف سیلیکون رابر


صنایع روشنایی:

با توجه به ویژگی های منحصر به فرد محصولات سیلیکونی جهت درزگیری تابلوهای برق، پروژکتورها و چراغ های خیابانی به دلیل تغییرات درجه حرارت محیط و فرسایش بسیار زیاد لاستیک ها یا نمدهای متداول، از نوارهای سیلیکونی استفاده می گردد. استفاده از گسکت های نامناسب در چراغ های خیابانی که بر اثر دمای خاصی از لامپ و همچنین نفوذ گرد و غبار و بخار آب و حشرات، موجب کدر شدن شیشه یا رفلکتور می گردد در نتیجه طول عمر چراغ کوتاه و کیفیت روشنایی به شدت کاهش می یابد و همچنین بنا به دلیل فوق گسکت های سیلیکونی برای تابلوهای برق بهترین محافظ کنتاکتورها و سایر قطعات داخلی تابلو می باشد.

جزییات بیشتر



صنایع لوازم خانگی:

با در نظر داشتن خواص فیزیکی و شیمیایی و مقاوت غیر قابل انکار نوار سیلیکون در قیاس با سایر لاستیک ها سیلیکون کاربردی ویژه در صنایع لوازم خانگی را داراست . از جمله استفاده از محصولات سیلیکونی در اجاق گازهای فردار موجب بهینه سازی در مصرف انرژی و جلوگیری از خروج حرارت و ضربه گیری مناسب درب های فر میگردد و مضافا استفاده از سیم های روکش سیلیکونی و وارنیش های سیلیکونی نشت الکتریکی را به حداقل می رساند.با توجه به بهداشتی بودن سیلیکون و داشتن خواص ضد باکتری آن ، جهت واشرهای مورد استفاده در درب های دیگ زودپز ، فلاسک ، سرخ کن ، ظروف نگهدارنده غذا و سایر مواردی که در تماس با مواد عذایی هستند ، سیلیکون بهترین پلیمربرای تولید انواع درزگیر سیلیکونی و شیلنگ سیلیکونی در این صنعت است.  

جزییات بیشتر

محصولات مادر و کودک:

نوزاد تازه متولد شده میل به مکیدن انگشت دارد . بعضی از نوزادان حتی قبل از تولد ، انگشت شصت خود می مکند . این عمل باعث آرامش کودک می شود . مکیدن تاثیر مستقیم بر روی فک نوزاد می گذارد . بنابراین استفاده از پستانک های غیر استاندارد ، می تواند خسارت های جبران ناپذیری برای کودک شما بوجود بیاورد. پستانک تولیدی این شرکت ارتودنسی بوده و هیچگونه آسیبی به دندان کودک شما نمی رساند و به رشد و شکل گیری طبیعی دندان کمک می کند .

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صنایع خودروسازی:

گسترش صنایع خودرو سازی در ایران و جهان موجب گشته تا رعایت استانداردهای ایمنی در خصوص مصرف انواع قطعات سیلیکونی چون وکیوم دور شیشه های ایمنی اتومبیل ، تیغه های برف پاک کن ، بوت های سر شمع ، شلنگ سرریز آب رادیاتور و واشر سر سیلندر از جمله تولیدات باشند.

جزییات بیشتر





صنایع ساختمانی:

سیلیکون بر خلاف سایر لاستیکها در مقابل اوزون , سرما , گرما و اشعه های موجود در نور خورشید مقاوم بوده , در نتیجه عوامل فرسودگی ورشکستگی در آن اثرگذار نیست و ضمن پیش گیری از تعویض مکرر لاستیک ها سبب جلوگیری از هدر رفتن سوخت و انرژی و مانع از ورود دود و گرد و غبار به محیط می شود

جزییات بیشتر





صنایع پزشکی:

با توجه به پیشرفت های شگرف در مهندسی پزشکی این شرکت همواره در جهت رفع برخی از نیاز های این صنعت اقدامات چشمگیری را انجام داده و انواع شلنگ یا تیوپ سیلیکونی شفاف و رنگی را همراه با قطعات خاس صنایع دندانپزشکی و موارد دیگر آغاز نموده و به بازار صرف عرضه می نماید. همچنین از سیلیکون در آون های آزمایشگاهی (فور و اتوکلاو) پروفیلهای سیلیکونی، بعنوان عایق مناسبی می باشد که در ابعاد و اشکال مختلف استفاده میگردد...

جزییات بیشتر




صنایع آب و فاضلاب:

این روزها مسئله کمبود آب در سراسر جهان به بحرانی عمومی تبدیل شده است. به همین علت اقدام جهت صرفه جویی در مصرف آن و ضرورت استفاده از مواد اولیه با کیفیت و استاندارد بالا در پروژه های انتقال آب و با توجه به استفاده روز افزون از لوله های کامپوزیتی و لوله های کاروگیت و اهمیت آب بندی مناسب و جلوگیری از هدر رفتن آب. شرکت پلیمر ایرانیان اقدام به تولید انبوه...

جزییات بیشتر





صنایع هوافضا:

با توجه به کاربردهای تخصصی و متنوع سیلیکونو انواع نوار سیلیکونی در صنایع هوا فضا شامل انواع قطعات داخلی دیوار ها نظیر شیلینگ های حرارتی و سیالات ، سیم و کابل های نسوز و مخابراتی ، نظیر انواع گسکت ها ، واحد فنی و مهندسی این شرکت جهت هرگونه هماهنگی اعلام آمادگی می نماید.

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